HP-15C LE Emulator Problem


Hi All,

I just got my HP-15C LE. I installed the emulator. When I run it, it asks for a key code and says if the key code fails to click an Offline button. When can I find the key code? Also, clicking the Offline button does NOT resolve anything!!



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There is a code on the CD. Try that.

I just received mine too. Really nice that HP included the printed manual!



Thanks Jerry!

I copied the key code from the CD and activated the emumlator. I was surprised to see that the emulator has the PAUSE command bug too!!!




Does the fact that we have to activate it mean that we can only install it on one computer?




No, it allows a few. It collects a tiny bit of info about the system, turns it into a hash, sends the hash, and then if you use the same computer in the future it will not use up another activation if the hash matches once already in use.


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Thanks for the info Tim. One more question: Can you uninstall it so that you recover the "use" (increment your available installs) or is it decrement only so that when I get rid of a computer I have lost one usable copy of the emulator?

I ask because the machine I have sitting in from of me is an older laptop that has problems and will eventually (relatively soon) be replaced.




It doesn't "recover".

However, I beleive you have 5 installs, so it shouldn't be an issue.

And I can reset specific keys, or add allowable installs if needed.


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Thank you Tim.


I've been through 5 computers in the past 18 months....


Uh, so will this work in Wine in Linux, and will it work in 20 years in Wine on another emulated Linux or whatever computers are like in 20 years?


Dunno, and probably not.



that will be another CD that gets chucked in the trash then - code that phones home is not a welcome thing :-(


It does once, and you can do it over a web browser instead. It never will check again.

It will send a version code every 30 days and prompt you to download a new version if one is available, but only if you don't check to turn that off.

But to each their own.


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A type of DRM then. I limit my use of software/documents with any type of DRM, so use will be restricted to the physical device only.


Please explain.


Hi Bill,

Are you asking for an explanation of DRM? Or why someone would not use a DRM (or DRM-like) enabled product?

DRM: Digital Rights Management-controlling the installation and use of software or distributed media.

As for the reason why one wouldn't use a DRM enabled product... I am sure those of us that don't each have our own reasons but I for one will not buy any software that is DRM enabled if I can possibly help it.

I always thought that Borland had the right idea with it's software (the book analogy)--install and use on multiple machines as long as you could guarantee that the same license would never be used on two different machines at the same time.

I have around a dozen computers at home and all my installed software is purchased but I generally choose to go with companies that provide a home license option of some sort--one license for all machines in the house--as some companies are beginning to do now. Otherwise it will get ridiculously expensive for me to maintain my software.

Just my 2 cents worth...




In the stricktest application, it limits the use to one computer, e.g. SAE documnets:

From their site (SAE DRM Overview):
What are the restrictions on how I can use my purchased PDF document?

Once you complete your purchase and open the secure document, your PDF will be permanently locked to that computer. You may view it as many times as you like and print it twice. You will not be able to use the document on another computer, or network it to other computers.

This restricts my right to use it as I wish, where wish. Yes, I can print it, but what's the use of a printed version. These documents can be several 100's of pages (even > 1000 pages) big. I want to take it (actually usually several) with me when visiting customers or contractors - which are often overseas. Yes, I can use a laptop for travel, but have a desktop on my desk at work. Now I must contact SAE to transfer the licence to the laptop & back again every time? Or buy multiple licences? I prefer the old Borland approach that Marwan quoted. I respect that and I for one do not pass on copies ("I paid for it, so can you"). However, my ideal world has been broken by piracy, and providers feel that that they should use DRM to protect their products. They have a right to implement it, I have a right not to buy it.

How does this affect my use of the 15C emulator? I would want to use it at work and at home. Between them I have been through 6 PC's in 5 years. It would be OK if the counter decremented with an un-install (I remember there used to be software that had a token tranferred back to a floppy upon uninstall). But now after a few years I'd be left not being able to use the emulator, unlike the physical calculator that we all know is used for decades. So my use of the emulator is restricted, thus I'd rather not use it at all.


In addition to immediate practical concerns about DRM, there are theoretical issues too. For instance, GNU and FSF founder Richard Stallman has philosophical problems with DRM.


I was surprised to see that the emulator has the PAUSE command bug too!!!

That's sign of a good emulator though!


... the emulator has the PAUSE command bug too!!!

What about the self tests?


How do you simultaneously depress two virtual buttons ?


With any of the dual cursor hacks. But it's questionably weather the UI is emulated as good as other aspects apparently are ;-).


What about a touch-screen emulation? :-)


If the emulator is based on the same code base as the 20b SDK, pressing two keys at the same time is not possible. I modified the code in the 34S to support shift hold sequences. Maybe HP has done a similar work on the (internal) 30b emulator which uses shift hold sequences.


Maybe HP has done a similar work on the (internal) 30b emulator which uses shift hold sequences.

This might be necessary to change the radix mark (ON/.), unless there is another way to do so.


I remember having been able to do exactly that in the (no longer available) Nonpareil emulation of the 15C by using the shortcut keys and the mouse simultaneously. Since I do not have the HP emulation program for the 15C LE (yet), I don't know whether this might be a solution.


I've implemented two versions in WP 34S: Press and hold a keyboard key (f) and click the key on the virtual keyboard or right-click the virtual shift key to lock it down, click or press the key, unlock the virtual shift with another right-click.

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