HP98xx Emulators?


Are there any HP98xx calculator emulators?
Why not to code one? The calculators seem to be very nice, but I don't want to spend my (limited) money on a international aution; and I am just a 15 year old hobbyist and HP calculator lover.

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I have heard (here!) that with regard to the 9825 - 35 - 45 models in particular, very little documentation concerning internal operation has leaked out of HP. It is kind of surprising since I think these models were made in very large numbers. Just recently someone was asking here for information to convert an industrial application from a 9825 to a PC. As I understand it, one thing that contributed greatly to emulators for the handhelds is that HP disclosed large portions of the HP45 ROM in a patent, which becomes public information.


The HP9815 patent is a mine of information -- it included partial schematics and 5/7ths of the ROM source code (6800 assembler). The 2/7ths that are missing are the floating point routines, etc, but you do get the I/O drivers, and so on. There's even the format of the expansione ROMS!
I am told the HP9825 patent at least includes the CPU instruction set and partial ROM listings. So some infromation is out there...


By chance, you don't have the patent numbers for the HP9815, do you?



For the BASIC part, I think I have seen advertisements about a software product called HT BASIC, which allowed HP BASIC programs to be run in a PC. The company name was TransEra. All this is just from my memory, I just remember the ads. Perhaps the HP9835 - 9845 are supported.

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Thank you. I will search for it...
BTW, Brazil == 5x Champion ;-)
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