Who has the lowest 15C LE Limited Edition Number?


Are the Limited Edition numbers sequential? Assuming they are, I thought we could do a rather silly poll: Who has the lowest number? Mine is 00158. (Also this could be a sign that indeed HP might indeed be making only 10,000 of these.)



Getting ready to brag about your serial number for the HHC2011??? Well ... that's alright! You can have your 15 minutes of celebrity!!



Guilty as charged, Namir ;) But truly I am enjoying the front side even more. I missed out on buying the original so it's a real treat playing around with this machine. Not to mention it is the first HP calculator I've owned that actually fits in my pocket!


I am glad you are happy with your HP-15 LE. I am sure it's a nice machine. I will find out for myself tomorrow! An who knows, maybe even brag about my serial number.




Cyrille - 00000

Tim - 00042



Edited: 11 Sept 2011, 8:43 p.m.


Highest: me, at 888,888


At least they've made more than 10,000 units.


That was a single, special one on request.



Hey! 00000 is not a serial number!

talk about one-upmanship, we'll never beat the HP boys :-)


Why not get a punch and add a minus sign to the start of your serial number? Or precede it with a decimal mark?

- Pauli


I'm hoping for a non-integer value myself. Or better yet, complex or irrational.


That's sort of like the Three Stooges' numbers on the back of their football jerseys...


I was hoping for 666. Alas, 1577 and 1614 were received.


Mike, yours and mine are brothers -- mine is 01578.



Mine is 00236.


#2277 from Buy.com


My 4 units from buy.com are all in the 2000 range.


I got s/n 01623 from buy dot com.


S/N 01664 from buy.com. Would be more appropriate for an HP-16C LE ;-)
Fortunately I own a 16C I bought new, cause I doubt there is the market for a rerun of these.


S/N 01640 from Buy.com


LE 02261

SN 1310

from buy.com


00693 from buy.com

I confirmed that the 34s flashing cable plugs in just fine.
Maybe there'll be a holiday present in the form of a firmware update.


I have LE 0336 from buy.com.


Received today from buy.com (shipped 12sept)




A prime number! Anyone got twin 2267?


Just got mine today from SC. LE number: 00070.


15C: 00911 (I plan just to keep this one in the box as a collector's item)

12C 30th YR Edition: 03938 (this may just stay in the box for a collector's item)


If buy.com received sequentially numbered machines, then the numbers reported here might indicate they have sold close to 2000 units!


They claimed that their initial stock was 1,000.

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