SC ships 15C LE on 9/13


Just checked the status page for my order at Samson Cables: "HP15C Orders ship Tuesday 9/13/2011." Still the old price is given.

I'm curious: Who's waiting, too? :-)


That makes two of us - I ordered ONE, my token to the cause.


I'm curious: Who's waiting, too? :-)

Me, too. Same shipping date.


Same here. I was rather amused by the "A package was shipped to you on 09/13/2011 via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail" at 4 AM on 09/11. I've never gotten e-mail from the future before :-P


Well, a calculator sold in '82 and shipping in the future must have some strange effects on timespace. E.g., PSE is actually working properly. It's just that you don't see the display content since light follows some paths around the user, which, in its normality, is an impurity in 15C-space ;^).


There used to be an old joke about IBM, back in the days when they were IBM. It was said that they had invented a supply channel that could see the future. You could find a million dollar computer on your loading dock before you knew you needed it!

I imagine lots of companies would like to have that, even today. Or they might prefer if customers would go along with that song and dance regardless. LOL


I've had that happen to me frequently with USPS. I spoke to a delivery man once about it and was told it had something to do with the way they showed and reported scheduling on items.

In my case they have generally reported items delivered before the fact.




Me too


Me three :) (just one order though).


I ordered two and I am impatient to receive them, despite the PSE bug


Hello Thomas,

same here. Checked the order status this morning and noticed that my calculator is about to be shipped 9/13. Did order it for only three days ago.

Gruesse aus Schweden


I received a notification message from Samson Cables today too. Same shipping date as yours.


Me too! Can't wait to Get my hands on it... So far my only experience with the 15c is on my iPhone 15c emulator :-)


I tried the Lygea simulator on Win Mobile as a first 15C experience. With its alphanumeric program editor, it really adds some value. But then, my first HP was the 20S, and so I'm quite used to keycodes ;-).


My first RPN is real 15C. It was powerful and reliable pocket calculator. Owner's Handbook and Advanced Functions Handbook were top notch. Unfortunately, my 15C died almost 6 years ago. Now I use 42S.

Edited: 11 Sept 2011, 3:36 p.m.


BTW, does your display name indicate you have one of those? I was owning an MK-52, too, but apparently the EEPROM was dead, so half the value of this beautiful machine was gone. Gifted it a few years ago to someone and since then looking for a white sample :-).


The origin of my display name is Elektronika MK-52. Vacuum Fluorescent Display, Cyrillic alphabet keypad and the story of Soyuz TM-7 mission attract me. However, I don't have it. I'm looking for it, but Soviet calculators are very rare in Japan. :(


Waiting for three units. I guess I am the first in line (ordered mine on 07/25) but probably not the first to receive them, even though I chose USPS Express. No problem, what are a few days more after a 20-year wait? :-)


My SC order for the HP15LE is also confirmed as having been shipped two days from now. Looking forward (or backward?) to comparing it with my original model. BTW, the confirmation ID is 30 digits long which is many orders of magnitude greater than the estimated number of stars in the observable universe!


You beat me by just one day :-).

I'll probably have to wait for 2 or 3 weeks. It arrives somewhere in Europe in less than a week, rest of the time is spent for customs. Over here, we're cited to the office by mail to bill taxes.


Over here, we're cited to the office by mail to bill taxes.

Same here, except the taxes are a bit higher (outraging 60% :-(


..except the taxes are a bit higher (outraging 60% :-(

Our states are side by side and our cities are distant only 230 km, but here the total tax for imported goods is 93% due to the ICMS (state sales tax) that is computed over the federal tax of 60%.

Since you do not have this "bonus" in your state, you are happy without knowing my friend... :-)



Olá Wanderley,

I don't remember ever being charged ICMS on these here. I hope they don't read your post :-) However, there's a 6.38% tax over credit card expenditures abroad I forgot to mention which will turn my purchase into a take 3 pay 5 deal...




I have a couple on order with them.


Yep I got the same message. I ordered one, mainly because I have coveted the 15C ever since the mid 80's when I decided I could only afford the 11C. The 11C served me well a few years until I got a 42S. But then I sold the 11C to my later regret.

I'm plenty patient though. It isn't as if the world's economy is awaiting this great new engineering tool.

I haven't decided if I'll really use it that much. Time will tell.


Mine shows just "Payment received, order being prepared for shipping."

I got a personal reply from Chris Edmunds acknowledging PayPal payment within hours of me paying.

Looking forward to this. I overpaid for my near-mint original, and am afraid to use it, like Nigel Tuffnell's guitar that's never been played...


It's got wonderful sustain.


Shipping Status: SHIPPED 13-Sep-11

That was at about 3 a.m. (MST)

Edited: 13 Sept 2011, 5:23 a.m.


Mine shipped as well :-) let's see how long it takes to arrive here in Switzerland...

I'm always wondering on which side of the globe my goods I order from the U.S. are traveling, when they origin in China :-) Is it:
China->Europe->U.S.->Switzerland or



I suppose the Pacific route would be the most reasonable to take.

However, I'm not sure if it really shipped or just an automatism entered that text into the system. We'll see ... hopefully ;-).


I kind of doubt that Chris at Samson would be up at 3 AM stuffing calculators into USPS boxes :-P


Yes, very strange. I hope he gets the labelling right and manages to get all packages out soon.


Is it:
China->Europe->U.S.->Switzerland or

From China directly to Europe via one of the poles would be another option... ;)

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