Does the death of the lead storage battery mean the whole death of 9114B 3-1/2 Disc Drive?


I am one of the lucky users who have 9114B.
Though everyone thinks that it is known, too, 9114B is equipped with the special lead storage battery. The lead storage battery of 9114B which I have works completely at the time of the present. But, it knows that performance deteriorates at several years with this lead storage battery. This special lead storage battery isn't manufactured any more.

I want to know what kind of condition 9114B becomes after several years. I am a little relieved if it knows that 9114B is continued by connecting always an AC adapter and it can be used after a lead storage battery deteriorates. But, a dead problem is more serious with 9114B as well with a lead storage battery's dying.


Inside the HP power pack is a lead acid battery and a board that charges the battery. The original PANASONIC lead-acid battery (LCR-226P) is no longer manufactured. However, there are other suppliers that offer plug-compatible versions of this part. Check the HP Forum archives.

If the lead acid battery dies, then the 9114B will no longer operate. The battery is an integral part of the power supply; you CANNOT run the 9114A or 9114B with a dead battery.



You have to have a working battery fitted if you want to use the HP charger/battery pack unit -- the mains adapter on its own can't supply anything like enough current to run the 9114.
There are basically 2 things you can do when the original lead acid battery fails. The first is to replace the battery. Yes, the original (Panasonic?) battery is unobtainable, but you can get some Cyclon cells. These are cylindrical lead acid cells (2V each), and the 2.5Ah size (which is about the size of a D cell) is ideal for the 9114. 3 of them (giving the required 6V) are a perfect fit in the HP housing. Just wire them in series and connect the ends to the original battery wires. Incidentally, the same cells work in the HP110 and Portable+...
The other option is to remove the HP battery pack completely and run the drive off a specially-made mains supply. If you take out the complete battery module you'll see a 2 pin mini-Jones plug inisde the drive. I can't remember the polarity, but if you take the top casing off the 9114 then you can see thw wiring at the back of the plug. The red wire is the +ve one. Connect an (unregulated is fine) PSU giving about 6V at up to 2A (!) to this connector. The drive will run fine (in fact, it'll run 'for ever', unlike running it from the HP battery which is being discharged if the drive is in use, even if the charger is connected !).
I've made a PSU for a fellow HPCC member to do this -- most of the work was drilling the box. But IMHO if you really can't design one you probably shouldn't be working with mains....
Of course if you have a lab bench power supply, then that's ideal too (I have one for testing my homebrew projects, so it was easy to make up a cable to link it to the 9114...)
Oh yes, I have got (somewhere) the remains of a commercial mains PSU for the 9114 -- I think I was told it had come from Educalc originally. IT was a little square metal box with a fuse and neon lamp on the front. Well, when I looked inside I was _appalled!_. That thing violated just about every safety standard I could think off (components, including the transformer, held down by silicone rubber goo, not fixed firmly, no earth ground to the box, and so on). If anyone has one of these, I suggest they do something about it now before it kills them (or worse, kills their HP handhelds)


I felt to be difficult if the repair of 9114B was not a specialist.
A peripheral device manufactured by HP is compared with a calculator, and I feel completion to be low.

Thank You.


The original battery is not made any longer however there are replacement lead acid that work equally well.

Just do a search for Lead Acid Battery on the internet.

Then contact the distributors and ask them for the replacement for that cell.

I have replaced many and they are as good as new. Same voltage, virtually the same size and takes only about 10 minutes to repair one, once you get the battery.

The tools to open the battery pack will cost more than the replacement cell, though. Uses a TORX driver.


Small (<10) Torx drivers are getting easier to find. I've seen several inexpensive sets that include them lately.



the original replacement type for the LCR-226P is 'Panasonic LCR 6V2.4P',
available at e.g. .

It fits exactly in place of the old battery.

I replaced the batts of my 9114B some time ago with this type, and it works very well.


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