I do not understand :-)


I do not understand this excitement by an HP-15C.


Has no I / O
The display is not alpha
It is limited in terms of programming.

Here is a competitor in size and weight

Sharp PC-1262

- Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent ±99, Algebraic
- 10.4 kByte permanent RAM
- BASIC interpreter
- 2 lines each 24 digits 5x7 black&white LCD with separate contrast adjustment knob on the right side of the unit.
- Thermal printer and output to tape

Now walk with a limited HP-15C if I can walk with a true pocket in my pocket?
And besides having to copy the programs and results using a pen and paper?
You are correct that the printer is not very portable, but do what, not everything is perfect. :-)
I'm waiting for 41CL is really something from another world.
Long Live HP-41CL

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I'm not kidding.
You bought 3 ?!?!?!
And will use one?
Of what use is it for you?
I know!
You have been a poor boy like me who can not have a hp-15c when I was little and now wants to make one that is your
Do not worry, I also ordered 4!
One for me.
The one for my son's father (That's me)
The one for the husband of my wife (That's me)
The other store for me for my best friend (That's me)


Olá Roberto,

Actually the HP-15C was my first HP calculator and I used it a lot in college until it was eventually replaced by an HP-28S (later replaced by a 48GX). The HP-15C was purchased in 1983 after my two-month old TI-59 was stolen. At first I thought of buying an HP-41C, but it was too expensive. Now I realize the HP-15C was the best option for me then (because of the features Namir mentions).

Take the chance and buy another one for your uncle's nephew while they are still available :-)




The HP-15C has Solve, Integrate, and built-in matrix commands. The Sharp PC-1262 does not!! So you have to program these features in BASIC. When it comes to matrix commands ... good luck! It's a lot of coding!

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reasons for not liking the Sharp:

1. It's not HP
2. It's not RPN

period :-)

hpnut in Malaysia


I understand.
You can not program using Basic?
I can teach you. :-)


Some code in BASIC to solve simultaneous linear equations?


Complex linear equations, as our circuit analysis examination is about to begin. We need it done quickly :-)


There's a BASIC program
here. Too late now, however...

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The HP-41CL really is wonderful, but it requires already owning a real 41-C that you can take apart. That's too tall of an order for me!

Now, if someone were to create a new case for the HP-41CL that looked like the old 41C, I'd be quite interested in it!


if someone were to create a new case for the HP-41CL that looked like the old 41C, I'd be quite interested in it!

Interesting idea, why don't you guys going to the conference talk HP into producing empty 41 shells? (well not quite empty, there's the little details like display and keyboards, of course :).

Really doing the CL "brain transplant" is a no brainer (pun intended), assuming you have a suitable donor. The issue is finding a C/CV which screw posts don't decompose beyond repair when you open it, and then you're home free.


I would not mind seeing an ARM based hp-41. Sort of a real halfnut with AAA batteries (rechargeable ones should work too). Skip the hp-41 bus port and go for a couple of USB ports instead.

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