Amazon is selling HP-15C LE now



Samson Cables is selling the 15C LE in Amazon. So there is really nothing new.




Anyway, here's the latest update from Samson Cables:

Update 9/8/2011 Our shipment is in transit to us. We should have it next week. Currently we will have enough calculators to fill all pre-orders with some for new orders. Orders will be filled in the order received and your card will not be charged until shipment.
If you have already pre-ordered this product it is not necessary to re-order it.


With the junk across the Pacific, straying through North America, and back to Eurasia over the Atlantic. With lots of luck, customs will let it pass through to me.

If my 15C LE finally arrives, it could have had some adventures if only it weren't enclosed in that box.

Can't wait.


So...the order goes through on amazon, so I wonder if I'll actually get the thing.

Almost not sure if I'd even open it. I have my beater 15C that still works, and after so many years, it would almost feel like cheating.


and miss out on the speed of the new machine?


It says on that page:

Ships from and sold by HPCalculators.Com

which is, of course, Samson Cables.


--- Les


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