HP's Dennis Harms to "visit" HHC2011


Hi people,

We've learned today that Dennis Harms has agreed to make an appearance at HHC2011 for at least Saturday morning. If you aren't familiar, Dennis worked on the Voyager machines and was the HP12C design-team leader. This conference gets better and better....




30 years of a single model? An unbelievable feat for any high tech product. A testament to the superb engineering that went into the Voyager series.

I wonder how many HP-12Cs were sold over the past 3 decades?

HP-12C Then and Now

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I wonder how many HP-12Cs were sold over the past 3 decades?

Too few - else we shouldn't observe what we see in the financial area ;-/


"HP 12Cs don't kill economies. People kill economies." ;)

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