HP 32S Manual


I received a HP32s 50th Anniversary Edition from a friend. What is the best way to get the printed version of the manual?





Well, I've been doing okay printing manuals from the CD onto 3 hole punched paper.

I haven't found a printing shop that can print double sided in the smaller format so I can do my own spiral binding. Affordably, that is- kinko's will do it for 15 cents per side, but that's 30 USD for a 200 page manual sans the binding.

The 3 ring binder method works okay, since I use a zippered binder with a "pda pocket" for my 42s.


Well, I guess I need to order the CD then...



You may be able to obtain a manual from calcpro.



I just looked into getting a manual from HP. They are selling them for $44 dollars. Ouch!

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