Received HP 12C 30th Anniv.


I just received the HP-12C 30th Anniversary - Added to my collection website:

The 25th Anniversary was a Platinum model - much nicer than the HP 12C 30th Anniversary which is a Standard (non-platinum) calculator. This one does have the two batteries with the faster processor.

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The 25th Anniversary was a Platinum model - much nicer than the HP 12C 30th Anniversary which is a Standard (non-platinum) calculator.
I'll take the non-platinum color one any day for its use of traditional blue and gold shift keys and matching key and overlay labeling which are far more legible than the platinum version, especially that horrid orange and low contrast orange overlay lettering.

Hi Gerardo,

congrats for being the first in this forum to own a 30th Annv 12C. who did you order from?

i have placed orders for a 15C and 12C from Samsons, still waiting.

hpnut in Malaysia


Hi Gerardo,

congrats for being the first in this forum to own a 30th Annv 12C. who did you order from?

First? :)


Hi Glenn,

yes, 1st. other than HP people like yourself, Tim and Cyrille :-)


Hi Glenn,

yes, 1st. other than HP people like yourself, Tim and Cyrille :-)

I do have the highest serial number, though: 888888.


Glenn! you lucky devil!

8 in Chinese language is an auspicious number :-)

I hope both my HP 12c and 15c have at least one "8" figure in the serial no.


I ordered it from the HP Small Business store.

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Interesting that it only comes with a quick-start guide and not a full-blown manual (printed, that is; I'm looking at your web page images). I thought it was supposed to have a printed manual too?


I got mine today after ordering from yesterday. Their warehouse is just up the road from me and I got it in only one day. LE #00710.


Well it's good to know that they got those right at least. Though I don't know if that gives me more or less confidence that they actually have the 15C LE.


Please answer one burning question: does SST work now? Meaning, when holding down the SST button, do you see the program step? TIA, Glenn


Yes, this was fixed a couple of years ago in a later version of the firmware. The first batch of 12C+ calculators went out with an early version of the firmware that had several problems. Read this thread for all the details.


I appreciate that info, but the new 12C I got from Amazon (two months ago) doesn't work right, so my question is how do I get one now with a working SST (in any version)? Do none of the "plain" 12Cs have it fixed? BTW, loved your sorting program, which sorts "top-down", I was able to write one which sorts up, and uses a financial register as a "flag" to check for any mis-ordered pairs, so the running time varies depending on the data set. But it is longer and not as elegant. But so much pencil and paper is necessary without having that SST! Thanks again, Glenn in West LA


You can flash this yourself with the proper cable and firmware update.

I have both. Cable will cost you postage, firmware is free. :-) Send me a note through the forum email option.



Post your sorting program, I'd love to see it. Debugging on the 12C can indeed be very hard.

I wrote linked-list sort some time ago for the 12CP, it uses the Nj registers for the link, it's here. It took forever with pencil and paper to debug it even with SST and BST working.



Thanks for sharing that, Katie- I didn't realize how far back that goes. I have learned so much from this forum, and hoped that I could share a little along the way (but I get a little hasty in composing posts and don't edit with separate lines the way most of you do).

Anyway, here is something I sort of adapted from working with the 35S (which has flags and indirect addressing, of course) but is more fun on the extremely fast 12C, using up to 16 items stored in registers 0 -> .5 :

1 5 STO n 0 STO i RCL gCFj RCL gCFj x<y? GTO 20 x<>y gCFj x<>y gCFj
STO i RCL n 1 - STO n GTO 24 RCL n 1 + STO n x=0? GTO 27 GTO 06
RCL i x=0? GTO 00 GTO 01

When register i has any value besides 0 it means a switch is necessary. Again, what an honor to hear from you, Katie - thanks,
Glenn :-)


Here it is on separate lines with step numbers using the "preformatted" button:

01 1
02 5
03 STO n
04 0
05 STO i
06 RCL g CFj
07 RCL g CFj
08 x<y?
09 GTO 20
10 x<>y
11 g CFj
12 x<>y
13 g CFj
14 STO i
15 RCL n
16 1
17 -
18 STO n
19 GTO 24
20 RCL n
21 1
22 +
23 STO n
24 x=0?
25 GTO 27
26 GTO 06
27 RCL i
28 x=0?
29 GTO 00
30 GTO 01



Very nice! Way, way back when I was teaching myself how to program I started with a bubble sort and worked on incrementally improving it with stopping conditions (like you have) and bi-directional bubbling, etc.. This is a real challenge on a 12C, but I was using PL/C. Fortunately I got smart before too long and stopped wasting valuable IBM/360 time with O(n^2) sorts.



Wow, that brings back memories (can we re-trace our lives via computing power?) of being in school in a Fortran class, waiting for my program to run in a room full of terminals (1986). I had a 15C then, and a classmate had a 41CV (it was always beeping with his reminders) and another had the Sharp mini-computer. Before that (in 1975) I got an HP35 (thanks to Dad), and my classmate then was threatening us with the power of his soon-to-be-acquired HP45 (in slide rule class!). Just torturing myself over the fact that I have none of these items today. Also had a Sharp 12-digit Elsi-mate with two separate memories to use for series computations of trigs and logs, just for the challenge. The fun of that is still here, like Valentin's 99-step trig program (still haven't tried to parse that out to see how it works). Thanks to all for your wonderful input. The forum helped me keep this hobby alive. ;-)

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