Guessing game - non-HP RPN calculator "Made in Germany"



I received today a box from Gemany with some interesting calculators sold in Germany. One of them might interest you:

1) It uses RPN

2) It is Scientific

3) It has a wonderful RED LED display

4) It was made in Germany

Who is the first one to identify this cutie?



Privileg SR 54?


No, it is NOT from Privileg.

The SR54NC was to my knowledge manufactured Overseas.



Does East Germany count?

How about the Konkret 600 manufactured in Thüringen.

Edited: 7 Sept 2011, 10:00 p.m.


Sure - the label reads:

Made in GDR, abbreviation for German Democratic Republic!




Looks a lot like the Elektronika B3-19M


Looks a lot like the Elektronika B3-19M

Because it is the same calculator, just with different markings.
Designed in Kiev, USSR, produced in Thuringen, DDR.

Edited: 8 Sept 2011, 5:36 a.m.


Designed in Kiev, USSR, produced in Thuringen, DDR.

Almost ;-)

Either designed in Kiev, USSR, produced in Mühlhausen, GDR,

or designed in Kiev, CCCP, produced in Mühlhausen, DDR,

or designed in the Ukraine, USSR, produced in Thüringen, GDR,

or one more (trivial) permutation.

Is it one of the two RPN Privileg models? Those things are sleek and solid. They have the worlds best battery doors too.

If not; we have to talk. I have a first-born child to trade you for that calc.


Not from Privileg...

Later more!

Cheers, Joerg


Is it a German brand ?




What chipset does it use ?


Not Mostek, not National ;-))



MOS MPS7561 ?


Not Commodore - Russian chips ;-))



Robotron brand, perhaps? I've seen that brand name on some DDR home computers, read somewhere they made calculators too.


konkret 600 = VEB Roehrenwerk Muehlhausen, Kombinat Mikroelektronik,

Viele Gruesse,

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