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I guess I am off the bad list now. After a test yesterday where I used the actual name of "TOS" my posts were all moderated. So the curator's rules are still in effect. Just in case anyone wanted to know.

Edited: 6 Sept 2011, 9:14 p.m.


Really ? IIRC I've seen it used previously w/o being deleted.



See posts 13,14,& 25 of this thread (at least those were the correct numbers as of the time of this posting).

After I figured out what site TOS referred to, I tried responding with the actual name, and was greeted with a "your post will be reviewed by the moderator when he has time" sort of message. The first and another unrelated post have not yet appeared.


Experienced the same this morning. This blocked all subsequent posts for a while, though there was nothing critical in them.


Moderator: please feel free to erase this if it shouldn't be here.

I know a small bit about the problem you guys are worrying on. Originally, it involved a corporation we all know and love and someone i still do believe is better than this throwing rocks (mostly) over Dave's head, and Dave wondering what all this vaguely threating legalese tied to the rocks that accidentally hit him means.

Our curator acted in good faith, and (i think) so did the other guy, at least at first. That large corporation probably would have, and sent the same message to everyone concerned, but the employees don't all know each other - or all agree either (maybe).

My guess is that Dave would prefer that this subject had resolved or disappeared ten years ago. It should have too, since everyone is on the same side.

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