My least favorite words: "Coming soon"


For almost a week after the official HP press release of the 15C LE we have been plagued by these dreaded words on the 15C LE page:

"Coming soon"

Certainly the customer outreach by the Calculator Division is above expectations. Even their sponsorship at HHC events is feels so intimate, validating and enriching, you can't help BUT to be an HP fan after attending HHC.

For all the creative, rational, intelligent, responsive folks in the Calculator Division, it's quite sad that HP's public face (e.g. the Web Division) is the exact opposite.


I'd take a wild guess that this is simply because the people working in the calculator division are people who truly want to be doing this, as opposed to web designers who might even be a subcontractor that also does websites for dog food and umbrellas. I don't know how many people the calculator division employs, but at least 3 of them post fairly regularly here, which they almost certainly wouldn't bother doing if HP calculators weren't something they were actually interested in.


I'd rather see comming soon than nothing at all!!!

Hope the new 15C goes on sale in the UK (and that I can aford it).

Mike T.


The "Coming Soon" is a decision taken by marketing, not the web server content people.

  1. This calculator was "outed" by dealers much earlier than planned.
  2. Drumming up unsatisfied interest is a time honored technique for boosting sales
  3. If you are annoyed by that in this case, you are unlikely to go buy a TI calculator instead. :)
  4. Patience, Grasshopper! :)

I think the probability of buying the HP-15C LE from the HP web site follows (in my humble statistical opinion) a Poisson curve. The initial part of the waiting time increases the probability of the LE being sold on the web. As the days go buy, that probability reaches a maximum value and then drops towards zero. You can interpret the drop as based on one of the following reasons:

1. HP has decided to sell all the LE units ONLY through the dealers.
2. HP has decided to kill the LE (to which we shout ... boo hiss).
3. HP has JUST sold the calculator division. The buyer now has the right to all the supplies of HP calculators.
4. Was a miscommunication with the HP web master in the first place, giving way to points 1 or 2 above.
5. Another reason that has escaped me.


Edited: 6 Sept 2011, 10:01 p.m.


I sincerely doubt it's been killed off. Glenn Dowdy posted pictures of a 15C package on a factory conveyor as well as a bin full of newly manufactured production model 15Cs. They built them, even if they decided not to make any *more* who knows how many have been built since Glenn posted those pictures.

Last week Tim said they were still being built. I imagine they're being built in China, which means they will have to be shipped to HP before they can sell them. Air freight is expensive, so I imagine the calculators will be shipped on a boat along with the current run of 12Cs and what have you.


ah, the slow boat from China, that's why we are waiting!


I just heard that the boat carrying the 15C's has arrived at port, but they said something about "drying out" that I didn't quite understand:

Webcam of the ship docking.



LOL! Lets hope not!


Could be the lead-based paint used in imported goods caused the ship to list dangerously while unloading.


I think the message on the HP web site for the new calculators is incomplete. It should read:

"Coming soon in the slow boats from China!"



Edited: 7 Sept 2011, 2:34 a.m.


It seemed quite clear to me that the 15C LE was not quite ready to sell. No stock, planned for a future date (10/01?), whatever the reasons I was pretty sure that we would not see a "Buy Now" button for a while.

What I don't understand is the lack of availability on the Home Store site of the 12C 30th Anniversary. It was supposed to be available 9/01 and it appears to be available at Sampson Cables and on the Small Business site for $20 and $25 more respectively. Why can't we get one from the home store at what I understand to be the advertised price?




From the page of Samson Cables:

"This item is not in stock yet but we are making it available to pre-order due to expected high demand and limited availability. Orders will be filled in the order received and your card will not be charged until shipment. We were told to expect shipment in Oct - Dec 2011 but I heard today (9/1/2011) it may be as soon as next week. Check this page for updates.
If you have already pre-ordered this product it is not necessary to re-order it."

So the expected delivery is...whenever in 2011, perhaps, maybe :-)


Edited: 7 Sept 2011, 9:35 a.m.

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