HP 12c Prestige


HP must really like dishing variants of their calculators left and right right now. Their calculator page shows something called the HP 12c Prestige. I haven't really followed the HP 12c in the past. But is it a new derivative or an older model?


For me most of these supposed HP web pages linked today appear to be dummies. I mean there is limited information on them. The expandable menus don't work.

Anyone else have the same experience?

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Here's a spec sheet that is (c) 2005:

HP 12c Prestige Financial Calculator

Here's an "unboxing" You Tube video:

Calculadora HP 12c Prestige


Aaah, so it been out in the past. I've never seen it before. Thanks for the links and clearing it up. :)


I've never seen this model. It looks the same as a Platinum but with the same case of the 25th anniversary. I do notice this video was recently uploaded to YouTube (Aug 19, 2011).


The 12c Prestige was only sold in Brazil.

See this thread:

12C confusion


I have one. The faceplate and cover around the display are gold color rather than platinum. Otherwise, it is a platinum.

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