Anyone know where I can get a manual for my recently aquired hp 32SII. I bought it for £5 in a car boot sale here South of London UK.


There's a company in the city called WF Sleath:


manual at £23.27

I just bought an HP32SII new - and I live in South London. Which car boot sale did you get yours from?


For approx. the same cost as the manual in England you could buy the full set of CDs from this Museum. Then should you find another HP calculator without manual you will not be faced with the same problem.


Except, of course, that the full set of CDs from the museum won't include the 32sii manual. Nor the 20s, 12c, 48g series.

Mind- I have the CD set and it's a wonderful thing. Just know what you are getting and which current issues it is and is not addressing.



Sorry, should have checked that first.

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