Degrees conversion for trigonometric function


I have an HP 15c. I am trying to calculate sin 60 degrees, but I can't seem to convert to degrees for this calculation. My calculator recently started displaying a "c" near the lower right side, but I don't know if this is significant. Please help, and thanks!


The "c" tells you you're in complex mode. Here all angles are assumed to be in radians, as usual.
So simply turn complex mode off. This is done by clearing flag 8. Press [g] [CF] [8]. CF is the blue-shifted function of the "5" key.

Generally, the angular mode is set by using the DEG RAD and GRD mode functions (blue-shifted functions of the "7", "8" and "9" keys).



Thanks so much! I had to figure out which calculator I had since the designation emblem is gone. I think I still have a manual, but it may take awhile to find it. I really appreciate the help! Everything is working like it used to.

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