Cruel Doubt :-(


I have 40 years.
Since the 15 years I've collected pocket computers and calculators and accessories for them (HP, Texas Sharp, Casio, Aristo and Other)
Only scientific and programmable except for Casio Melody
I have more or less about 1200 items.
All are in perfect state of conservation and use.
I separate two hours a week to keep the collection always perfect
I have a tera byte of documentation in pdf format including photos of each item
My question: Will I here about 20 years, these items will be worth selling?

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Have kids, bequeath your calculators to them.


I want my calcs to be placed in my tomb with me. Never know what calculations you'll need in the afterlife.


How pharonic of you. :)


Think of the first emperor of China: Michael will be protected by an army of calculators, all made with individual faces [:-)


these items will be worth selling?

I very much doubt it. They have their peek prices NOW because now there are potential buyers/collectors at the peek of their personal economic possibilities (they never had that much money before in their lives, nor will they ever have as much to spend) who used those calculators in their formative years and therefor value and worship them mainly out of nostalgia. In 20 years from now, the then economically active generation will possibly focus on vintage iphones, but not on calculators in general.


Your best buyers are alive now. SO sell now because the best audience that appreciate you calculator is alive now. As you wait more (or your children) there will be less people who appreciate what you have and are will to pay for it.


Sell them now!

A week after your funeral, your kids will have a tag/garage/yard sale with them listed for $0.25 USD each!



dona nobis pacem


A week after your funeral, your kids will have a tag/garage/yard sale with them listed for $0.25 USD each!

Yeah, and a few days later somebody here will report his/her latest, greatest find!!

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