HP-41 resource allocation registry?


I wonder if there is a registry of resources for the HP-41? I am thinking of such things as XROM numbers, buffer numbers and the unused bits of register 13?

At the moment I am mostly concerned with register 13 since it is fairly easy to change buffer or XROM numbers. Has anyone documented the use (misuse?) of these bits? I would very much like to allocate a bit of my own there, if I possible.


Here's the modules I know use bits in the c register (status register 13)

1. CCD ROM, used for Continuous Auto Start (CAS), and Lower_Case Alpha flag. From memory, I think they are bits c(16) and c(15)

2. AECROM, used to flag the selected unit mode (Foot, Meter, etc)

I suspect the ZENROM also uses those bits, therefore the incompatibility amongst them.

Will check my notes for others.


Edited: 28 Aug 2011, 1:09 p.m.


Incidentally, I considered using one of the "available" bits for the 41Z POLAR/RECT mode, but I decided against it to avoid compatibility issues - so I ended up using one bit in the complex-stack buffer instead for safety, despite the obvious speed penalty.

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