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On TAS I found a binder full of service information on a few old Sanyo ICC calculators and have scanned the documents for the ICC-0081 (this is the only one of the 4 calculators included in the binder that I have).




PCB (part 1)

PCB (part 2)

The level of detail seems extraordinary to me and I wonder if any other calculator manufacturer in the early 1970's produced this level of documentation. I have some service details on HP calculators and on Wang from this time but they don't some close to this.



Was there any service information on the Sanyo ICC-808D in the binder? I believe it came out a year later than the ICC-0081.



Unfortunately not, the service documents cover: ICC-0081, ICC-1121, ICC- 1141 and ICC-2161.



The combination of the service manual and the patent provided a rather thorough documentation for the TI-59 including circuit descriptions, schematics, parts list, troubleshooting procedures and listing of internal code. But of course, that was the late 1970's not the early 1970's.


I have several early 70s Canon service manuals (including Pocketronic). They come with complete schematics, timing diagrams, plus PCB positives(?) - ready for reproduction of your own PCBs (sheets printed in black, left blank on the other side). Since other manuals I have (Denon, Olympia, Diehl) show almost the same level of detail, it seems to have been common to have *useful* service manuals. Funny enough, they were numbered and company property :)

But, honestly, it was not needed for later calculators - reduced to only a couple of parts, they were repairable by simply replacing one of the five key components.



I'd love to have a copy of the Pocketronic service manual for my website. Do you have that scanned?



As this topic is about non-HP early calculators, I would be interested by manuals for the Sharp EL-8 or EL-811.

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