Bought a 42s, need a case


Well I came across a mint (except for one mark on the side of the case) 42s for $200 and bought it!

I hope its all its cracked up to be. Only thing is, it doesnt have a case. Does anyone know where I can get one?



All of the Pioneer series calculators were the same size. If you were in the US I would say check TAS...that auction site..for a cheap 10B. Here they sell for under $20 shipped sometimes, and often they have a case with it. Sometimes here people try to sell the cases alone for almost that much, but it doesn't make any sense when you get the case and a calculator for the same price if you just look a little.


Ill do that, are the leather ones a good fit? They looked a bit generic.


All of the Pioneer cases that came with the calculators were simple heat-welded vinyl (early ones) or seam-stitched leatherette (later ones). HP sold genuine leather cases as an accessory. These can be identified by a flap that tucks in a strap near the open end.


There is also a hard case for these calculators. Very protective and a bit cumbersome.

If you can get a leatherette case -- the ones without seams on the outside. Altogether a nicer case than the vinyl ones.

There are also 3rd party leather cases available. The one I've got looks great but isn't as protective as a genuine leatherette case.

- Pauli


All of the Pioneer cases that came with the calculators were simple heat-welded vinyl (early ones) [...]
Some appear to shrink over the time. My 20S doesn't fit its case anymore w/o applying a significant amount of force. It's better with my (former - I gifted it) 10B and its vinyl case. Anyway, the fabric ones are much better and certainly appropriate for a 42S.

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Buy a 10B, 14B, 17BII or alike, and use the case of that unit;-)




Agreed with the other two, look for a 10B on TAS. I got one in near perfect condition with a case for $10 or 15 (it's been a couple years) because I needed a case for my 32S. 10Bs aren't terribly valuable, but I did manage to trade mine for an HP-35 battery pack.

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