In class today


Student: There is something wrong with my calculator my father gave me! He said it is one of the best calculators ever made. But it doesn't work!

Teacher: What's the problem?

Student: Well... It has this big ENTER... I do not understand...

Teacher: Is it this one? (holding up a 15C)

Student: Naa. He has that one and he uses it every day! It is... wait... a... 42S

Teacher: :-)


Such stories become rarer and rarer :-/


Are such stories becoming rarer and rarer because now more students, school girls or boys know how to use an RPN or RPL calculator ?

Or it is rarer and rarer because less and less fathers are still using a calculator ?

Or any other reason ?


I'm 22 and my HP 32s (which is actually older than I am by a few months) is always in my bag.


Are such stories becoming rarer and rarer because now more students ... know how to use an RPN or RPL calculator ?


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