Apple to Focus on Printers*


News Story

* Be sure to check out The Onion. Those guys deserve a Pulitzer for coverage like this.


"[...] perhaps a printer that makes photocopies. Anything’s possible. It’s called innovation"

That's a joke, right?


No, the onion is a very serious news site, they'd never make jokes.


Thinking ahead or sinking ahead?


Coming up: The invention of the punch card - with apple-shaped holes!


Once upon a time, the LaserWriter was an interesting innovation by Apple, and the PostScript language it used works with ... Reverse Polish Notation!!!


My wife recived this
Present for Christmas. It was such an amazing laughter, especially my mother-in-law needed a couple of minutes to realize it was all fake.

Of course, we still have this umbrella box (it's sold out now):)

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