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Hi all,

I just wanted to share my DIY way to a very usable overlay:

I printed the overlay png that comes with the WP34s package on a color laser printer at a width of 68mm. I cut it out and laminated it, then folded it in the appropriate places and just scotch taped it together on its rear. The laminated overlay is flexible enough to get accurate key response. The overlay is easily applicable and removed again. The only problem is the [ON] key which is a bit flatter than the rest and needs some special care to press.

The work took me about 15 minutes, 10 minutes taken by the heating of the laminating machine. ;-)

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Very nice indeed. Follows the well known 80/20 rule: 80% of a job are done taking 20% of the time (the remaining 20% take 80% :-)

So if you want to proceed one step, take a very sharp knife and cut your overlay along the left, top, and right edge of each key. Each key will then be covered by a little flap. Doing this for the ON key only will will improve the action there. Doing it for all keys will allow for an overlay being easily fixed on the keyplate using three tiny strips of double-sided tape (at the top, bottom, and between ENTER and STO).



I set my hopes on Eric Rechlin's overlays instead! Only if that should fail I'm going to cut my way through!

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