[WP34s] Flashing with USB adapter successful


Hi all,

I just managed to flash a 30b with a Digitus (FTDI) USB-to-Serial-Adapter on my Asus eeePC 1001P. Only the messages on the WP34s screen that came after the flashing were not the ones found here., but still it worked flawlessly on the very first try!

My thanks go to the WP34s team and to Gene for providing the cable! AWESOME!

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The messages after flashing are obviously not those documented by HP for their firmware but those documented by Walter for WP 34S. The ROM boot loader built into the processor by Atmel does not do any display because it has no idea what kind of display is connected to the chip.


HP for their firmware

Is the 30b firmware provided anywhere should I want to rerepurpose it for any strange reason?

EDIT: Found the answer

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is available from me if you want it. Tim has allowed me to send it out upon request so he is free to keep working on the HP 67CXi due out at HHC 2012.



That's mighty nice of you!! Sending these cables out frees HP from doing that task.



PS: Still in NC beach and waiting for the local county to issue a possible evacuation order for tomorrow in face of hurricane Irene.


Will HHC 2012 be before or after the end of the world?


If the HP 67CXi is announced, the end cannot be far behind.


If we make it just an HP-67CX (drop the trailing i) will it make a difference??




Maybe the Aztec calculations needed a HP calculator to do the calculations right. I hear they used TI calculators That figures!!!


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I heard that in fact they were using MS-Excel :)



Good one!!!

Are you coming to HHC2011??




I am registered


It's the Mayans, not the Aztecs. The Mayans are going to destroy the world in 2012 unless they get HP-15Cs.

I may have that wrong ...


The Mayans are much more sophisticated than that. They want HP 42S's.


Let's hope HP brings out the HP-15C LE for the Mayans to redo the calculations .. and quickly!!




Hi Gene,

I guess the 30b F/W is tied legally to the 30b? If not, I'd like to try it on my 20b (don't own a 30b, unfortunately).



I don't know if that's possible at all but TW once stated that HP has tried hard not to allow the 30b firmware to run on the 20b hardware.


And the 30b keyboard runs circles around the 20b. So you should get one anyway ... :-)


I'm sure it does, but my calculator budget has to be preserved for the 15C LE(*) ;-).

(*) if it doesn't appear, I'll get the 30b in the next fire sale when Leo dumps the calc devision ;-(


I just picked up two 30b's for $23.95 each from Amazon, with free shipping. Took 6 days from ordering to arrival.


Should I ask the US government for shelter from european prices? ;-)


Sorry Thomas, it was not my intention to highlight worldwide price inequities. I wish they did not exist.


The 30b firmware runs only on the 30b.


Ok, thanks!


Asus eeePC 1001P: was this with Windows 7?



Asus eeePC 1001P: was this with Windows 7?


No, it's XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3


I too just had success flashing my WP-34s to version 2.11388. As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently purchased an HP Pavilion laptop PC and I've been curious about if I could flash my WP-34s to the latest firmware on it. This PC is running Windows 7 Professional and I used an ES-U-1001-R100 USB-to-RS232 (FTDI) adapter. After reading Bart's article on "How to get started with a WP-34s", I googled SAM-BA 2.10 and downloaded it from Atmel's website. It's the first download listed. In the description on their website, it stated that SAM-BA 2.10 was for Win7, so I didn't try setting the compatibility mode as recommended in Bart's article.

It installed without a problem and ran fine. I noticed that it takes a long time to start up so I had to be patient. I closed the program and connected up the USB-to-RS232 adapter and Win7 identified it immediately and installed it successfully. I did go into the Device Manager and change the assigned serial port from Com 3 to Com 1 but that's not important. I then followed the 20b reflashing procedure and it worked the first time!

Very Cool. If there are any questions about my setup or what I did, please post.


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