Need technical specs for HP 17b calculator display


I dropped my 17b (original version from 1988)and part of the display "leaked" and is now all black all of the time. It should be a pretty easy fix if I can find the correct replacement lcd. Anyone have a part number or detailed spec or source for this original? Also, any tricks or suggestions about how to open the case would be appreciated. Thanks!

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See this article and this one by Paul Brogger for some tips and tricks to open and work on pioneers.

Regarding a source for the display, my guess is most will say the only source is another 17b, or 17bii, or 42s, or 27s...

The display of the current version of the 17bii+ looks the same, no telling if the display would be compatible.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the link to the article. It's got great info on disassembly. I had assumed there were press lock latches which could be pried apart. Didn't realize drilling would be required. Think I'll go with a replacement instead of repairing this one.


Unless you just want to learn how, I suggest saving yourself the repair time and trouble and buying a used 17b online. You'd have to buy one for a donor screen anyway.

The prices for non-RPN models has come down by 30% compared with a few years ago.


After reading the article from the post, above, I'm taking your advice and will look for a replacement unit. Thanks.

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