Could I run an hp 97 without the battery, if I turn it off after each use

Thanx in advance



According to Randy, you can damage the card reader sensor by operating the calc off the ac adapter w/o a battery, regardless of whether you use the card reader. This is because the card reader circuit is powered directly off the battery charger side of the ac adapter, which outputs about 16 vdc no-load. Randy can provide more specific details on this. The same caveat applies to the HP-65.


I believe it is the 67 that can have the card reader damaged by operation without a battery. In the 97 the voltage supplied to the reader as well as the rest of the calculator is regulated. The service guide says the the 97 will not be damaged by operation without a battery but it will not operate correctly. I just tried it with the 97 on my desk and the display flickers and neither the card reader or printer will work due to the limited amount of current the charger can provide.


Yes, you are correct. I was thinking of the HP-67 too, and missed the fact that the OP was asking about the HP-97 instead. My mistake.


Michael is correct,

In fact here is a quote from the HP 91 manual and the HP 97 manual:


Although these are not as supseptable to the Woodstock power catastrophes, they were not designed to work without a FUNCTIONAL battery pack.

Cheers, geoff

added after the above posts:

as noted above, the hp 91 manual also does not mention damage, question is, should it have or was the statement in quotes above meant to discourage the use?

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Running an hp97 without the battery will destroy the printer if you try to print

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