HP-41 strange Memory Module found.


Hi all,

This is nothing but a "cosmetic rarity" but just want to share it and ask if someone else has ever found such a type of "error".

As a result of the several USB power cables I've built lately, I've seek all the posible candidate modules to use their case and connectors, in the bottom of the "usable module box" I found the one in the picture:

The module is a simple 82106A with the peculiarity that the external label was printed upside-down.

BTW, it works as any other Memory Module... (i.e. if you enter "1.2345" into one of its registers you won't get "5432.1" when recalling it... sorry, couldn't resist... ;-)

Have you ever found any other wrong labelled module (any type)?

Best from the Canary Islands.


PS. The label is of course "printed", it's not a sticker labelled module.

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