OT: I would like to understand


I would like to understand for what reason it takes a plastic watch to have a price so exorbitant in relation to the HP-01?

I understand that there are few units.
But a plastic watch?

Takashi Murakami x TOKYO FM x Casio G-Shock frogman


It's the size (and color) of the text in the description.



Because it is designed by Murakami and produced in small quantities.

It is all about personal taste and collector fancy.

After attending Murakami's' creations display in Versailles, I was stunned and actually enjoyed his design.

Just beside me, other visitors were outraged by these "plastic gums piles".

Just like a Red-dot HP-35.

It is also made of plastic :-))

Let the flames pour in :-)



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Just like a Red-dot HP-35. ?!?!

the HP-35 was available from 1972 !!! 39 Years !!


Yep, agreed...

To my eyes: a great achievement and a superb engineering feat.

To my wife's: ...ahem...one more plastic toy for her aging husband.

A matter of taste...you can believe me :-)




the HP-35 was available from 1972 !!! 39 Years !!

So it's even just old plastic ;-)

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