OT: Hrast Programmer's Cool Music


Hi All,

Fellow HP programmer Hrast Programmer who is well know for his cool HP calculator software and a member of this forum is sharing his talents in music too! He has launched his first album, "Harmony of the Machines", on Musiczeit music service.

What is cool about this music, IMHO, is that when I listen to it I feel it is like the music generated by the internal circuitry of our beloved calculators when they are running a program.

Any case, it is very nice music and I look forward to his upcoming three albums that will be released between the near future and the next year.


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Hi Namir,

Thanks a lot for the support :-) It is nice to find at least one fan even here, on the forum not related to (electronic) music at all.

In fact, I used HP calculators there, not to produce the actual sound, but to calculate various things while developing my sequencer and some other software I needed ...

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You are welcome Hrast. I hope more folks on this site will enjoy your music.

I certainly plan to get your other albums when release. Please remind me (and others) on Facebook when these albums become available.


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