HHC 2011 is 5 weeks away --- bring your 20b/30b to be flashed and the programming contest...


If you are coming to the HHC 2011 conference in San Diego next month, great!

If you have an interest, bring your HP 20b or HP 30b and we will get it flashed with the most recent (at that time) 34s firmware.

The committee is thinking of having the programming contest have a category ONLY for the 34s.

Might be interesting to see how the unique abilities of the 34s play out with a programming problem put to a group.

HHC 2011


I respectfully request that the committee add a programming contest category for the HP-41 family, as there are several new -41 developments recently.


Any programming problem for the 34s would be doable on the 41c family. No problem.


Woooohhooooooooooo ... burning HP-20b/30b calculators!! Yeaaahhh baby ... Yeaaah baby!!! Now that's what I call fun!!!!

If we don't agree to do something special for Monday, then we should sit at the hotel lobby and burn firmware!!!




Namir, Namir, Namir... Wait until MONDAY? I suspect there will be more-or-less continuous burning whenever a 20b or 30b appears! Who would want to wait while all sorts of software and such is being exchanged?

Still hope to be there, re-purposed 20b, cable, laptop and all in tow... Maybe will even pick up a 30b just for the event.



I apologize ... perhaps I misspoke and skipped a few steps. Of course the burning of 20b/30b (sounds like an evil Nazi event that happened in the 30s) will start on Friday! BUT .......... again BUT ... I bet you the smart folks attending HHC2011 (and you know who you are .. besides your brother Joe) will find NEW BUGS (I cannot believe I am saying this) in the machines ... sooooooo .. we go back to the drawing board .... more firmware burning ... WHEN?? ... I am listening???? ............ ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

I rest my case!

<bows down>


Sigh ... it's tough being a genius. So many people misunderstand me ... and think I am being funny!!!

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The contest will be "Find the bug!" :-)



No truer words have been spoke in our galaxy!!! "Find the bugs" it is!!



I concede to your impeccable logic, Namir! Hope to see you then...



My logic is so off the wall, it scares me sometimes!! :=]

It will be a pleasure to see you again Jim. I can tell this HHC meeting is going to be out of this world!!!



HHC 2011 will be exceptional this year. It is the 30th year (actually 32 years of manufacturer) of the HP-12C and I am asking attendees to bring their machines so we may compare them and take a group photo.

Wlodek will bring his collection of 12C's - if he can get the time - and he says that there have been subtle case changes over the years.

And yes, bring your HP-41.

Speaking of the 15C the Swiss machine has been cancelled, but there is a new design planned. see http://www.rpn-calc.ch/.

X < > Y,



Burning the firmware is boring. :-/

Applying the overlay is tedious. :-(

Playing with the result is fun! :-)


Maybe I should bring my wife's nephew with me. He is 19 and can put the overlays on the 30b buttons like an artist!!!



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All he'll need is a stack of overlays and a tip jar- he'll do great!



bring your 20b/30b? Leave some space in your bag to bring home the 15cLE.


Let's keep our fingers crossed ... :-/


You'd probably better leave a lot of space in your bag. See, the LE stands for Limited Eyesight. We recognized that most of the 15C fans are getting on up there in years. The "images" have been a bit deceiving since there is no reference point. We decided a unit that was about 5x the size of the original would hit the target demographic quite nicely. . . ;-)


P.S. It runs on D batteries.


Sounds like you found that replica quarter, the size of a sewer lid, that all good lab boys keep stashed for prototype size comparison shots :-)

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Don't forget the overlay sheets in A4 ;-)


A4? We are talking A1 at least!



I think at that size you could program a Twister game on it...

Left foot on trig function-
Right hand on arithmetic-
Or use it with your feet like the floor piano in the movie Big with Tom Hanks. It could double as exercise!

I like it ;-)

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You'd probably better leave a lot of space in your bag. See, the LE stands for Limited Eyesight. We recognized that most of the 15C fans are getting on up there in years. The "images" have been a bit deceiving since there is no reference point. We decided a unit that was about 5x the size of the original would hit the target demographic quite nicely. . . ;-)


P.S. It runs on D batteries.

Tim, you missed the last design review meeting. We had to switch to 6v lantern batteries, in a belt worn by the user.


I sure would like to see some of the folks on this site, who have not been to previous conferences, attend HHC2001. Folks like Katie would simply glow in the meeting. I hope she takes the time and fly over to San Diego. There are many other nice folks that contribute here whom we have never seen. Come on out and let's party (am talking here party 34s style!). We love to meet you all in person. I am sure you are tons of fun and so are we (the veteran attendees). All this electronics communication is fine and convenient, but meeting in person is something to behold!

In the past years I have had a blast sitting right next to folks like Vokto Toth (of the www.rskey.org site), Joerg Woerner of the TI DataMath museum (I had fun teasing him about his low-end TI prototype calculators), and Goeff Quickfall's very first HHC conference in Corvallis. They left really special memories, the kind you can never get online!

So get some time off, gather your pennies, gather your courage (if you fear flying) and come on down! YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY! I PROMISE! THIS HISTORY IN THE MAKING.

Maybe calculators are not as important as they used to be, but our love and enthusiasm for them and for that special fellowship we have with each other, is very much alive and kicking.


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I hope that Eric Rechlin will be there with 20b and 30b units for sale, along with lots of keyboard overlays for sale too.


Why should Eric sell 20bs or 30bs on HP's premises? :-?


Why not? Wouldn't bother me.

That way anyone still wanting one could be sure there was one to get.

Considering that 3 years ago everyone was given a 20b, the year after that a 30b, and the year after that I had some spare 20b units for anyone to grab. . . seems kind of unlikely that we'd give out the same thing again.


Edited: 21 Aug 2011, 11:48 a.m.


Oh, just assumed you've got a large stock of these and want to sell them. But never mind, it's your business ;-)


Any unit that Eric sells had to be purchased originally from HP. No sale lost, as I don't believe Eric wandered off with 100s of them at the previous conference. :-)

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