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I just flashed my hp 30b with the latest wp 34s firmware, and it works, great. Thanks to Paul and Walter for this awesome project, and thanks to Gene for sending a cable all the way to Norway!

Now, the only thing missing is the keyboard overlay, I find it quite hard to use the calculator without it. Any news on when a new batch of overlays will be available? What can I do in the meantime? Is there a source image available that I can print and cut out to use as a rudimentary overlay?


God dag Morten,

What can I do in the meantime? Is there a source image available that I can print and cut out to use as a rudimentary overlay?

You can take this:

Find a good printer, adjust the width of the picture if necessary (to 69 mm IIRC), and use it :-)




in the the distribution there is another bitmap which does not use the key tops but arranges all key legends around the keys. It was my first attempt at an overlay. You just need to cut out the keys and tape the overlay onto your keyboard. I had painted the keys of my 30b black (except those that don't change such as the digits.)


Hi Morten

Here is an example of both the real overlay and the paper one referred to above. I used the paper ones for a good long time before my overlays arrived. They are serviceable but you will certainly appreciate the overlay when you get it -- so much better!

One thing that no one else seem to have had issues with is that you want to make sure you clean your keys pretty well before applying the overlay stickers. A few of mine are lifting ever so slightly and I am reasonably sure it was my failure to sufficiently clean any remnant finger oil. Maybe someone can recommend to you a good way to do that (alcohol?) that doesn't damage the keyboard. Other than that one (minor) issue, the overlays are just great.


Cool, will try this. Couldn't find the file in the distribution, but found it on the SourceForge page.

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