And they say that a sale value of a hp 41cx is high.


Value sale hp41cx is High ?


Wow, maybe I should try to sell my Big Mac prototype!


Ok, I'm sorry, but that is insane. Unless it is Apple desperately trying to buy the machine back before anyone realizes that it is really just a computer :-).

Now my biases are showing!


its not a computer, it's an apple!

hows that for bias!



Listing is gone as of 3:20 PM PDT.

Was that the "3G Macbook?"


How did they delete the listing? Usually when an item sells, you can still see the listing... ?


I think eBay's lawyers may have heard from Apple's lawyers.

That would tend to raise the credibility of the leak, if so.


I think eBay's lawyers may have heard from Apple's lawyers.

I was going to post just this yesterday but didn't because I got sidetracked with "real" work. Do you remember the uproar when Apple "lost" an iPhone 4G in a bar (or some such) and all the talk of law suits and such when some magazine (I believe it was) threatened to open it up?

Apple is *VERY* protective of their intellectual rights. So I am thinking that Howard may be right on the money here.



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