WP34s: Which donor?


Hi all, thinking of plunging into the WP34s. Simple question, what do you think is the better donor calculator, the 20b or 30b?

I have never actually seen or used either one. But I am hearing/reading the buttons on the 30b are better, and the display might be better. Is the hardware really significantly better?

The 20b color would probably look better with the overlay, and the cost is a bit less.

Thoughts? Any other important differences?

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30b no doubt about it. The keyboard is a world better. The screen is a bit better.

Agreed the 20b with overlay looks better and is slightly cheaper but that is its only advantages.

Get a 30b, you'll not be disappointed.

- Pauli


Also, it appears the HP-30b comes with a case.



That "case" works like a elastic sleeve with openings at three sides. I prefer the case of my 17bii+ Silver. YMMV


Are there instructions on how to do this? I would love to do it but I don't know where to start...




Get the manual and you'll be picked up on page 3 (page 2 contains the table of contents :-)


Could some one tell me what cable to order (and from where) and how do I order/buy a keyboard template?

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Gene Wright is distributing them (if he has any left) for a small shipping charge. Send him an email through this forum.

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