CostCentral (Erie) update on HP-15C LE


I ordered a 15C LE from CostCentral (Erie) on 7/25 and inquired about order status today, here's what they replied (quickly):

"HP is not releasing the calculator until October; they have not specified an exact date yet."

I am continuing to hold my breath, despite all the very valid arguments presented here :-)


Yeah, it's October in the US and November in Europe. It's unfair :(


To enter the european market, you need to translate documentation and ensure compliance to local regulations. That could be a reason to have a later launch over here, if that will be the case in the first place.

It's interesting that I can still import it as a private person. Did so with the 35s and, of course, got english docs, which violates the regulations. Hopefully, it works out with the 15C LE the same way.

The cost is probably the same.


I think it would be a relatively simple matter to replicate the old documentation that was written in other languages such as German. For example, looking at my original handbook in English, it seems that that only significant changes would be to Appendix F, which deals with batteries, warranty and service.

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documentation and conformance is not only about what is visible to the end-user.



I understand that, but wouldn't most of those other factors be taken care of by the fact that very similar products such as the 12c+ are already being sold worldwide. Can you show me a concrete example where I'm wrong in this assumption?


Since I don't know the hardware of the 15C LE, I cannot comment on what's necessary to bring it to the european market.

However, I'm a Technical Writer concerned with docs and regulations (and risk analysis since we're producing machines). As always, it is not as trivial as it looks. You're invited to visit my office :-).


It seems like the European market has more barriers to entry than the U.S. Or do you see the same amount of regulatory overlay going from EU to US now, too?


While we do export AHUs to the US and non EU countries in eastern europe and do care for all regulations to be met, the US isn't much of a problem since placing is done by an independant office. If the company I'm working for would have been liable for its devices, we wouldn't have entered the market in the first place, since any problem with a larger machine can ruin a small company like ours quickly. So, regulations aren't a problem, but legal practise is.


Yeah, it's October in the US and November in Europe. It's unfair :(

Down here in the antipodes, if past history is anything to go by, it will be 2014 before it gets released at a very inexplicable price in the $350 - $400 range. That's assuming it even gets released.

- Pauli


I'm surprised why oct? I would have released it before school starts so some students get it. By October, it is more a Christmas gift category. Which could be from HP to us :)

My fingers crossed.


Don't expect anything rational. Though the individuals in the calculator "department" are good guys AFAIK, the overall organisation of this launch looks like a big mess from outside.

My 20m€ only.


My guess is they will hand it out at HHC (9/24 - 9/25) and announce it around the same time. I expect the product launch will take place at the VAR meeting, thus vindicating Tim Wessman's statement that it would NOT be launched at HHC. Availability in stores a week later would be consistent with an October date.

Caveat conference goer: I am totally blowing smoke on these predictions. If you buy a ticket to HHC and they don't hand out 15Cs, don't blame me. :)


In one of the links presented here, HP stated it would be a "great gift" IIRC, indicating that xmas is targeted.

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