HP 10, 11, 12, etc. C series.


You know those neat little sticky rubber "feet" on the bottom of the above mentioned calculators. I would like to get a new set of four. Does any body know where I might find them?
Hope to hear from you.




a $2 bicycle tube patch kit (the old fashiond cheap kind) will have enough rubber sheet of about the right thickness to do all five of your 10 series units. it comes with a peel-n-stick backing too, but that might not be strong enough alone without a bit of glue on the calc.


Almost all tire patches are too thin. The rubber feet on the HP41 and Spice series are around .065 thick. A piece of heavy inner tube works better. Use double sided sticky Scotch tape to attach.


You can buy rubber sheets from Hydraulic stores, or some auto parts stores that offer material for rubber gaskets. A square foot is probably a lifetime supply of feet for HP calculators. I noticed that HP-41 and HP-30 models use them also.

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