Frozen HP-71B


I recently pulled my HP-71B out of it's box to experiment with again. I had left some brand new alkalines in it. I know it was working when I put it away. When I went to turn on it came on but is now frozen. I don't know if the characters are important (looks like the last values that we put in) but they are: 22222220**-*7 cursor then a strange character

I have tried several discharging approaches with no success. Does anyone have a foolproof way to discharge the cap? It sure seems like this is the issue.

I've tried shorting the contacts, repeated ON button pressing and letting it sit 24hrs.

I also tried most ideas on this link
old thread

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Have you just tried resetting the 71B? ON / (Init1).

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Yes, It will not get that far. It is totally frozen on the characters I described.

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To discharge, take the batteries out, then open the card reader port and short pins 1 and 11 (or all of them) using something conductive. This only takes a second or so, no need to keep shorted for a long time. Then put the batteries back in and the 71 should be completely reset.



Shorted Pins 1 & 11 and installed new batteries. Nothing but a blank screen. I then cleaned the battery contacts as I discovered one spring set was corroded and wasn't passing current.



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