Been a while since I looked...

#2 the prices on older HPs. I have to say I'm a little shocked. It looks like prices on my two favorites have really changed. The 15C seems to have taken a dump, maybe based on speculation about the LE? The 41CX though, holy cow. There is a boxed one on that auction site going for over $1000 right now, and there isn't a decent one to be had for less then about $400. Unreal. I guess they all go through trends. I sort of wished I hadn't looked.


You need to just keep watching for a while. Prices are all over the place, such as this .

I wouln't draw any sweeping conclusions from one particular auction. Also, just because someone asks a particular price, doesn't mean they will get it.


Prices are down in general.



It's hard to generalized when they fluctuate so wildly. My previous post showed a recent example of a low price, however, this is an example of a very high price on a recent auction.


Yes, but you have to admit it appears to be in immaculate condition. I have several 65's and in general they are in better condition than my 67's but none that nice.


I've seen mint HP-65 complete sets with handbook, leather and hard case go for a lot less. That one doesn't even include the AC adapter, which in IMO is absurd for that price.


I won all :-). I thought the offer of the day !!!!


OK, that's insane. I might even be tempted to sell one of my brand new in the box HP41CX's if I thought it would fetch that much! I might even throw in a card reader and printer.

Funny, mine happens to be in Albuquerque as well...

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That is a hoot!

In addition to having brass bearings on price, the guy has lifted the entire Wikipedia page on the 41C, complete with hyperlinks.


Anybody notice the N cell batteries installed incorrectly in the battery tray?


Well, technically, only two of the four cells are installed incorrectly, so he's half right. I think that's one of the old Los Alamos calcs, so maybe it works on 0 vdc.

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Do you mean also the Pu battery is included? That would explain the price indeed!


Yes, but you have to admit it appears to be in immaculate condition. I have several 65's and in general they are in better condition than my 67's but none that nice.

Oh I know. When I first saw the auction, it was only in the high 200s, and I was thinking I'd like to have a nice CX. I've had Cs and CVs, but never a nice CX. I know I wouldn't lock mine away though...I'd use that sucker.

I got an original 41C when I was 15, which was pretty fundamental in teaching me a lot about programming in general, not to mention all the cool stuff I did with it. I had to sell the whole boxed set about ten years ago during some hard times (lost job), and it kills me that I'll never get it back. I figured if I found another nice one, that it would at least make me feel a little better about it.

I had dug out a couple of 15Cs and a 16C to sell, which was when I saw the prices.


From what I have seen 41's vary wildly in price. Some go cheap some go for a ridiculous sum. I have yet to figure out the rhyme or reason to why but if you keep looking you may come upon something decent that you are willing to spring for.

The 15C has been much more consistently high until recently. I personally have not noticed a drop in prices but anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that it might be happening.

The 42S generally fetches pretty high prices as well (or it did when I last checked) and at that point they were generally fetching more than an equivalent condition 41. I just looked and there appear to be two 42S's listed at the moment, both well above $300 and at least one in apparently terrible condition. That one is listed by an individual that I believe is well known on this forum and his prices are generally way out of line.


All models vary in price over time. For a long time there were no HP-70s listed on TAS, and when they started to appear, initial prices were very high. One sold for nearly $1000, and it wasn't perfect or complete. Then over time as more and more appeared, prices came down to the point that I recently picked one up for $123.50. So, patience is a virtue in collecting vintage calcs. I paid $200 for a very clean HP-42s, which included the spiral bound manual and new batteries. Tonight, two auctions concluded with very low prices for the items that were sold, to wit:

A complete and mint boxed HP-67 for $385

A working HP-29C for $208.50

I really had to restrain myself from bidding on those.


Yes, true, prices do vary over time. What I was getting at is that from what I have seen over the years prices for 41s vary greatly during the same period. Right now there is a 41C listed for 175 right along with the one mentioned earlier for 2,500. At the moment there are not a whole lot of listings for 41s but at times there are quite a few listed at once with a great discrepancy in price.

BTW, I was also tempted by the two auctions you mentioned. <g>



Also, last night a clean working HP-27 with handbook sold for only $208.51. Another low price record. Another example of what happens when there is only one high bidder. Since the winning bidder put in a snipe bid with only 3 seconds to go in the auction, I suspect that the actual bid was much higher to guarantee a win.


Prices are down in general.

For a special case I can confirm this. I recently made a bargain while winning this auction.

And imagine: as I unpacked the engine I discovered an HP-IL module in its port!

The HP71 is in mint condition - the bezel a little bit scrached - but it works as it should. Obviously, the selling guy did not know what he had in his hands and placed the auction in a not so favorable section ("historical data processing").


Mensch! Das ist ein eherlich billiger Preis! Congratulations!

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