My collection on local TV


Yesterday our local TV-station TV-Midt/Vest brodcasted a 6m50s report regarding my interest in collecting HP-calculators. Sadly for most of you it is in danish language. But you may se one or two interesting things anyway. Of cause far from all calculators are mentioned. Some non-HP things are shown.

Well have a look at this link


Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen, Denmark


Nice collection Johny!!! I love the way you display your calculators. It was nice of your local TV station to report on your hobby.



Even though I didn't understand the language, I loved seeing these things in operation and the way they were laid out. Nice video and collection, thanks!

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Cool! No problem understanding Danish.

Congratulations on a nice show and also a very nice collection.

I was on the same show (but in Norway) three years ago.


It´s reasuring to see countries where TV stations make something valuable with their programs, beyond the pure hypno-toad usual stuff or worse yet!.

Congrats on your collection and thanks for sharing. I guess now we know who else beats us all the time in all those TAS events :-)



Beautiful. I wish I had the space for showcases like yours... But now I know, that I understand the two most important Danish words: "Hewlett" and "Packard" :-)

Did you say the HP25 was the first programmable when you held it in the camera?




Nice to see the Epson HX-20 / HC-20 - for sure one of the important milestones in mobile computing.

Congratulations for your wonderful presentation!

Good for you to collect HP calculators, my TI collection would fill easily a 2 hours documentation ;-))



A very nice collection.
Unfortuantelly there is no TV show in Switzerland like this (or they never thought about showing my collection)....
So I have to make my presentations on the web.. Maybe I should give them an update....



Any TV shows that presents your collection has to do at least a 2-hour show! You have the best collection I have seen in person--well worth the six-hour train ride between Geneva and Basel. Recently, I visited Richard Nelson in his house in Arizona (not too far from where my own son is living now). His collection is very nice too, and occupies many rooms. Recently, my wife re-organized my own collection. Makes it easier to locate various models.


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My collection has apparently burned itself into your mind. Thank the honor.
I still remember your visit to my house. It really was a beautiful day when I remember you ... Will you come again to Switzerland? My house is open to you.

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Thank you all for your very kind words. I am deeply thankfull and honored. I find my collection to be quite humble and not so unique as some of your collections but the working units are there to be played with. Both the HP's and the other stuff.

If any of you find your way to Denmark you are very welcome to pay a visit to our house to see and play with the items in my collection.

I will also like to express my wishes to some kind of mainland European conference or meeting. Our house is open to such idea.

Matthias, you have held a couple of meetings earlier. Have you any plans in for future meetings?

Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen, Denmark

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I will also like to express my wishes to some kind of mainland European conference or meeting. Our house is open to such idea.

Great idea! Although Matthias' home is much closer to me. I really enjoyed the last meeting in Allschwil and would join a meeting even if it's as far away as Denmark. Currently there are many interesting things to show and talk about.


Very nice collection and superb presentation! I would not even dream of being able to pull anything like that off.

I once tried to build a collection, but stopped due to the slow progress I had and also the cost involved. I tried to be a bit cheap and mostly picked things up locally, and they were far between...

I managed to at least get a couple of LED machines and some voyagers.
I would really have liked to get a 10C, a woodstock and a 97, but sadly no.

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