Not even a mention of the 41C



Neither of the HP 35.


Both the HP-35 and the HP-65 are in the Smithsonian museum of technology.



Interesting that the blurb claims the "first calculator" was an upgrade from the "calculators then in use."



So, how can the Mark I have been "The World's First Electronic Calculator", when it wasn't an electronic calculator? It was an electro-mechanical calculator, as a glance through its operation manual clearly shows.

Unless the distinction between solid-state circuitry and gears and relays isn't important in defining the world's first "forerunner of all modern computers", of course.

In other news, Curtas Do Not Look Like That.



In other news, Curtas Do Not Look Like That.

So in a news story purporting to give us some interesting historical tidbits on early calculators, they photoshop a Curta to look like a grenade. And they present it as truth, never bothering to state it was, apparently, a joke.

Mainstream news is disgusting to me. Every story I see, which I have some detailed knowledge of (mainly aerospace or astronomy topics) has falsehoods that could easily be corrected if they cared.

I remember after this huge duststorm that hit Phoenix last month I decided to watch one of the alphabet national news shows to see what they had to say. In a story about 1 minute long there were 4 falsehoods. All of them designed to make it more extreme, unusual, and apocalyptic than it really was.


Yep. It is true. They screw up all the time.

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