OT:Retiring an old friend :-)


He has helped me very well over the past 20 years would now like to let him rest.
I wonder how do I replace.
I want to use the Casio FX-50X, FX-60X, PB-7XX and Sharp PC-14XX.
I do not want to use the computer.
Some mp3 (model) that I can use?


I take it you still want to save/load files to the Casio & Sharp, but don't wish to use cassettes? If so, I don't think MP3 compressed files will work. I tried a couple of times and never could get it to work. I have used a small recorder that will save in WAV files with no compression and that works fine.

For the Sharp pocket computers, there's several programs that will convert WAV files to BIN files to TXT files. They work pretty good. See the following link:


I've used the method described to transfer some cassette programs I had and they worked fine.



Thanks for the reply but I do not want to use a computer


You may not want to use a computer for regular or portable storage but it's still a good place to store an archive of your software. The above mentioned WAV2BIN for Sharp and my own package CASette I/O Utilities for Casio and friends are very useful because you can translate the WAV files to BASIC text and vice versa. If your portable recorder can create a WAV file, it should be easy to copy it to the PC for further treatment.


Well, you can use some of the small digital recorder/players that will record in high qualty (minimum compression). Best is one that creates files with no compression. I use a Edirol by Roland Model R-09 that will save in WAV format as well as MP3 on a SD card. Works great. Bought it mainly to record live concerts, but it works great with my Sharp pocket computers.



Most portable MP3 players will play audio files with lossless compression (such as FLAC), so he doesn't have to specifically use MP3 format but can still compress to fit more audio.



Take a look at the Zoom H1. It's a great personal audio recorder. Great flexibility in recording rates and records in WAV and MP3. Extremely light. Extremely small. Lasts a long, long time on batteries. SDHC card storage for infinite capacity. Intuitive user interface. Lots of controls. External mic/line input for your needs. Costs $100. Yes, I have one and use it for audio but not for calculator program storage.

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Hi Steve,

I'm going to hi-jack this thread. :)

Just looked at the specs on the Zoom H1 and it looks interesting. Have you used it for live concerts? How did it do?

Couple of years ago, I was looking at two digital recorders - the Edirol R-09 and the M-Audio Microtack. They were basically comparable but the R-09 had replaceable batteries versus non-replaceable rechargables on the M-Audio. I went with R-09 and am very pleased with it. But it wasn't cheap at the time.

So, was just wondering how a $100 recorder today compares with an older more expensive recorder. I know prices keep coming down, while features go up.

We have free concerts on the beach here, and I've been very pleased with the recording results. I usually sit about 20-30 feet from the stage and the sound system speaker are about 15-20 feet either side. I do get some low level chatter from the people around me, but it's really not too bad. Occansionaly, catch the sounds of a motor boat or airplane, but that's just the ambiance of recording live.

Sorry for hi-jacking the thread, but was curious abot the H1.




Hi Bill,

I've not recorded concerts with the H1. Mostly, I use it for 1-on-1 interviews. I am really impressed with the quality of the recording. I cannot compare it to other digital recorders myself, but there are a few reviews to read on amazon.com and sweetwater.com.



I use an Olympus LS11 in raw mode (uncompressed WAV files), and it works great. It is not inexpensive, alas. I have no idea how the performance compares to the Zoom H1.


Hi Eric,

The LS11 looks interesting. And the price is about the same as I paid for the R-09. It's good to see that there are a lot of options. I'm still amazed how good these little recorders are. Sure beats using my Marantz portable cassette deck; though the Marantz still does a great job.



looks like there is an LS-7 as well, at 2/3rd of the (new) cost of the LS-11

addendum: searching on amazon for 'pcm recorder' (without quotes) brings up a number of offerings from different manufacturers, several for around the us$100 mark

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Is it just that you want something smaller? How about a microcassette recorder? The Sony M-670V is an excellent one, as microcassettes go.

The front is about two by four inches, and thickness is about 3/4". IOW, it's very small! I got mine on TAS for around $20, although you'll have to watch for awhile to find them that cheap. Frequency response in high-speed mode is 6kHz. I've been using a couple of them, although I have not tried with data. I have not noticed any dropouts with TDK MC90 tapes.


Hi Garth,

I've tried some of the microcassette recorders with some good results. You need to use good quality tape and the tape, while readable on the source recorder, wasn't always readable on a different recorder. But I seem to remember that was true with the data recorders also.

For several of the Sharp computers, you could buy a printer/microcassette accessories. I have several, and they all have mixed results on re-reading the microcassettes. I'm thinking the speed control on the microcassete drives are varying or the belts have expanded or slipping.

The best is still a wav file - you can easily share the programs with other users and it's easy to create safe, backup copies.



Meets my needs?

ICDPX820 Link


This may be an option:

It's an iPhone app. I am sure there are others like this for other smart phones. I tested it with my Apple //e cassette ports. I was able to download a BASIC program audio file and play it to my //e and run it.

One less gadget to carry around. Just a thought.


Does the app have a name?

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