Does the memory of my HP-41CV break?


Teach, please.
Does the memory of my HP-41CV break?
I have HP-41CV and HP-41CX.
#1 I push a "[<-] + [on]" key at the same time.
#2 A calculator indicates "MEMORY LOST".
#3 I push a [PROG] key.
#4 "HP-41CX" is indicated with "00 REG 219".
#5 "HP-41CV" is indicated with "00 REG 46".
I don't know why the indication of "HP-41CX" and "HP-41CV" is different.
Does the memory of "HP-41CV" break?
Or, is the default value of "HP-41CX" and "HP-41CV" only just different, and may I be relieved?


kom bam wa.

46 is what the cv is supposed to say upon waking up from a memory lost. it's because of the default "size". the cx has a default size of 100. so i guess the default size of the cv is about 272? your cx has a "size?" function but the cv doesn't.

o ya so me
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Actually the "size" function exists on the C, CV and CX series. This function allows a manual repartition between program lines and registers, and this is needed even on the C.

The default size of the CX is different than on the CV (don't remember by heart, I'll have a look at the manual), but the total memory size is exactly the same. Additional memory can be added to the CX with the X-Memory module, but this is another story. The result shown by Hiroshi are theefore absolutely normal.


understood it. It was a cause that default value with CV and CX was different. Thank you. # HP-41CV OWNERS MANUAL p34 default:R0-R273 + 46 common pool # HP-41CX OWNERS MANUAL p36 default:R0-R99 + 219 common pool


Both CV and CX have function "SIZE" to set memory partition but only CX has function "SIZE?" to get current memory partition. Execute "SIZE" on CV, then enter 100, and it will have the same partition as the CX default partition.


only CX has function "SIZE?" to get current memory

"You are correct sir". That command is part of the X-Functions. So.... if you have a 82180A module, your C or CV will have that function, also the PPC Rom has a routine for that function.


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