OT: The Tau Manifesto


"If you were still a [Pi] partisan at the beginning of this section, your head has now exploded. "

The Tau Manifesto


I was half-way to being convinced before I even read that article. After all, pi is the ratio between circumference and diameter, but how often do we use *diameter* in equations? We always use radius.

And the "prettiest" formula with pi, as he himself mentions, is


which, again, uses radius, not diameter.


3:14 p.m.

Does this mean some resistance? :-)


The radius is not measurable. No one science will be lives without applications and experiments - and all theories in all science fields based on measuring.
The diameter is MORE acceptable than a "theoretically founded" distance, like radius.
BTW I'm a mechanical engineer :P :)


I quite agreed with the idea when I first read about it some years ago but I disliked the proposed symbol. The new symbol (pi without one leg rather than with an extra one) is definitely a better choice. Incidentally the Portuguese word for lathe is torno, which makes sense since it's a turning tool.

A bit late for Tau Day, anyway here is the first pandigital approximation to tau :-)


The PI Menifesto has a less rabid and one-sided view of the cases for and against both. Well worth the read.

- Pauli


Conclusion: tau is a lame pi :-)


Yet another geometric argument for the primacy of pi. It would seem the Tauists have only one leg to stand on!


Thank you Paul. You made my day.

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