Did HP or any 3rd party make a 64K card for the 48 series?


Hi there,
As the Subject enquires, did HP or any 3rd party make a 64K card for the 48 series?
It seems common opinion is that the 32K cards are too small, thus next to useless? (Is 32K useful still though?)

Then there seems to be a leap in size from 32 to 128K .. which are like gold dust & extremely expensive for what they are. I've actually seen a 256K card for only $10 more than a 128K ..

Thus as a middle ground?, did anyone make a 64K card?


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The thing is that 32kx8 SRAM and 128kx8 SRAM are common, while 64kx8 were less common...


I do remember seeing a reference to a 64k card once, but that's about it.

As far as utility of the 32k ones, probably as program storage rather than simply dding to memory, but it all depends on personal usage.

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