12c 30th Anniversary Spec Sheet


I ran across the Spec Sheet for the 12c 30th Anniversary Edition today.


Hey, it's a pure RPN machine!

And this picture at least explains the keyed in PI on the '15C Limited Edition', probably done by the same photographer...


yipeee, a pure RPN calculator!


Is this the 12c+ or yet another incarnation?



It looks to me like just the 12C+ with some writing on it. The 25th Anniversary Edition of the 12CP used the same font, BTW. I think that these anniversary releases are a great way to sell extra machines to those of us that feel we need to collect every edition.

HP has a history of releasing anniversary editions, where just a label is added, of some calculators, the 14B, 32s, and 28s come to mind. Are there others?


48GX ASEE edition (however, not Anniversary).

Edited: 22 July 2011, 11:36 a.m.


the 14B, 32s, and 28s come to mind. Are there others?

How about the 35th-anniversary commemorative 35S?

[img:http://www.pahhc.org/2011/35th Anniv 35S.jpg]



Let's try that again:


So does this mean it's for sale now? I can't find it anywhere online. Keith

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