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I'd like to enjoy, but this link doesn't work here (nor does Richard Nelson's he mailed). Response is "Bad Request". Please check. TIA



How about this URL:



Thanks. Works with MS IE. Looks like a problem between Firefox and HP :-/

Edit: Thanks a lot for your article about our baby! I'm sure Pauli and Marcus will appreciate it as well. Though it didn't look so recently, we are still confident to get the WP 34S walking within the next weeks (please watch the plural!). If we had confined the function set, walking might have been observed earlier, but nobody can prove this ;-) Anyway, thank you again :-)


Edited: 19 July 2011, 3:30 p.m.


Works for me, of course it may have been fixed in the meantime.

Oh what to do. Work on the book, read HPSolve, play with the 34S, the 41CL or go to work and talk to Wlodek tomorrow in person.


Off to London tonight! ;-)




or ... talk to Wlodek tomorrow in person

No question!


Two small factual errors in the 34S article.

There are 112 registers -- X, Y, Z, T, L, I, A, B, C, D, J, K plus the numbered ones.

There are 104 flags -- A, B, C, D in addition to the numbered ones. Of these A is linked to an annunicator and D allows dangerous returns but B and C are altered by operations in integer mode but are freely usable in real mode.

A lessor point, I started coding the design before approaching Walter for assistance with the layout. The article implies (to me at least) that the reverse occurred. I won't deny that the outward appearance is now mostly Walter's doing.

- Pauli


Two small factual errors in the 34S article

More is definitely better....
I simply miscounted in the registers and bad.
Hopefully, the overall effect of publicizing the project will still be a positive thing, despite these two numbers being slightly off.



Hopefully, the overall effect of publicizing the project will still be a positive thing,

That's a sure thinkg Jake, a great article that does justice to the great work put into the 34S.

BTW I was hoping to find a similar coverage on the CL, but I guess will have to wait for another issue.

Best wishes,


A lessor point, I started coding the design before approaching Walter for assistance with the layout.

You are right :-) The story is even older: we both contributed to the doomed OpenRPN project some years earlier. And my records show I started playing with layouts in 2005 - pure vapourware at that time.



I guess something was fated to happen :-)

- Pauli


Page 35:
"This should make HHC 2011 an
especially exciting conference with so many new machines (5?) to talk about." Interesting...


The article on HP manuals was of particular interest to me, since part of my work is writing installation and user manuals for our products, and I consider the manuals that came with my 41cx and 71 and their modules to be my models.


Wow, I need a copy of that "Fastest Math In the West" tiger poster shown in tiny black and white on Page 40.

Has anyone ever seen one of these floating around? Or a good picture of one? :)

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