HP-110+ HP-41CV


I buyed for a few days a HP-110 Portable Plus with no documentation.

I will develop a program, if possible, to upload and download programs to the HP-41CV, but I have some questions:

- Is possible load a program to the HP-110 without diskettes, via RS-232?





if there's a terminal program in the Portable Plus,
it should be possible to transfer software via RS232.
If the machine has HP-IL,
you could use the PP as a mass storage device for the HP-41;-)

To find out more about the machine,
You could do a google search for the Portable Plus.



Vielen Dank. Many Thanks.

I will try it



You can use the 110+ as ANY mass storage device using HPIL.

The electronic disc on the 110 becomes a virtual HD for the 41.

John Kercheval

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