41 HP-IL: How to reset?


Recently two of my 41's refused to be operational on the IL loop. Only TRANSMIT ERR messages, both with the 'real' loop and the Pil-Box. Even with no device on the loop, closing both connectors together.

A third machine was working perfectly, so I knew the interface wasn't the issue.

Memory Lost brought them back to a more cooperative state, it all works fine now.

I'm a bit rusty on HP-IL operation, is there any other reset procedure that doesn't involve ML?

Also any ideas as to what caused it in the first place? I'm swapping modules very often amongst the three units, maybe some of them caused the issue...


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I'd try a STOPIO. If that doesn't do it, an ML may be the only option.


STOPIO didn't respond either (same TRANSMIT ERR) but sure enough ML worked. So there's nothing to do with the IL interface, cables or any devices but with the 41 itself.

Apart from Flag 32 clear for AUTOIO, which other flags should be impacted by the loop operation? Also bits in the c(13) status reg perhaps?

ML is too dramatic a solution for this, there must be another way...



most likely your 41 has flag 33 set. that will prevent the loop from communicating with the peripherals. unfortunately, if you don't have the HPIL DEV module, you have to clear flag 33 via synthetic programming. the HPIL DEV module actually has the commands CF33 and SF33 built in especially for this purpose. hope, that helps!



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Well the CCD module will allow you to create those two commands!

YOu have one, don't you ANGEL????




A simple YPOKE to the right spot will do it.


CCD? is that a new digital camera sensor?



Flag 33 was not the issue. I certainly have ways to clear/set any flag (Using CFX/SFX in the CCD-Modified, Toolbox and others), so I did it of course. The flag status stayed as changed, even after power-cycling the machine - yet TRANSMIT ERR continued.

And Monte, this wasn't on the CL only, but also on a "regular" CX.

It remains a mystery, now I'm almost looking forward to a new occurence to better diagnose it.

BTW this has happened before to other users, I've seen threads where the only solution was ML as well.

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Dear Angel,
Maybe the HP41 was in MANIO mode - than TRANSMIT ERR is the result. In this case execute AUTOIO...

Best regards - Christoph Klug

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