HP 41 battery Shield - what is it ?


Ebay 110715485440 I have never seen one of these before, does anyone know what it's for (apart from what it says in the auction), and was it shipped with early 41c or late cx etc ?? I thought part number 82120A is the rechargeable battery pack ???



I had one of those (for a 41c). It has some rivets that can damage the foil in your battery compartment (it damaged mine). It is to be used with the battery holder, the text on it says "don't use with the rechargeable battery pack 82120A".


The rivets are intentional, for at least two reasons:

- Work with slightly damaged contact foils

- Do not add too much material between the contact foil and the batt poles

The battery shield as such should:

- Protect the foil from leaking batts

- Add some extra retention for the batts when not in the calc

The idea was not bad, but the pre-perforation of the contact foil is a no-go, so I would not recommend using the shield.

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