wp34S TICKS Command: How Much Time?



What is the granularity of the wp34S TICKS command? I could not find this info in the manual, nor in a search of the HP Museum Forum. It appears that a time "TICK" is around 0.1 second, but I wanted to be sure.



You got it. TICKS should be accurate to .1 seconds. This depends of course on the accuracy of the oscillator.

I'm pretty sure, Walter will answer with a page in the manual.


The granularity is 0.1 seconds give or take the oscillator.

In float mode, a value in seconds is returned.

In integer mode, ten times this value is returned.

- Pauli

Edited: 12 July 2011, 5:34 p.m.


Hmmmh, I hate to tell you, but that contradicts the documentation. The command is called TICKS after all, not SECONDS [;-)



The documentation is wrong then :-) We discussed this and the consensus was what is implemented....

- Pauli


consensus was what is implemented....

... which is what is documented since v1.17. Just check d:-)


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