HP-48G IR connectivity


I'd like to transfer files between my 48G and my PC.

Here's what I did:

Installing USB-serial converter on Win7 (FTDI/FT232RL)

Connect Jeteye IR device

Setup Windows NT 4.0sp6 in VirtualBox

Connect host port to guest port

Start WinNT

Install Quickbeam

Now, Jeteye works basically. The IR detector scans for devices every three seconds and you see the red LED lighten up at this interval. However, no IR device is detected, allthough the 48G has flag 33 set and is in server mode (and of course just in front of Jeteye).

I'm lost.




Are you sure the 48G is an IRDA device? I assume it's just serial over IR. You should try without the driver installed. Just use the comport provided by the FTDI driver.


Thank you Marcus,

I didn't noticed the Quickbeam software conforms to IrDA :-/. Ok, deinstalled the package, rebooted NT4. Now not even the LED lights up when I fire up the connectivity software. Of course, I changed the COM port from the no longer available number 4 to number 1, even specified base address and IRQ after that failed, but still to no avail.

Any further ideas?


Many year ago I wrote an article about this topic. The article is available at http://www.hpcalc.org/details.php?id=4856.



"The IR transfer with IrDA hardware between PC and HP calculator might work, but because of the many exceptions, explained above, it mostly will fail."

Yes indeed ;-).

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